The Artistry of Miss Natasha Enquist

Natasha Enquist on steps
Miss Natasha Enquist

The accordion is back in fashion. From British Columbia, Canada, Miss Natasha Enquist, singer/songwriter, musician and performing artist has just released her debut album, ”MNE”, a story about a ‘Star Captain’ who leaves his planet. Her iconic style, taste and breathtaking imagery is inspired by elements of fashion, fantasy, cabaret and David Bowie, among others, who also inspires her music. She confides, “I love fashion, I could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner”.

Natasha Enquist I
Miss Natasha Enquist


Natasha Enquist is the daughter of an accordion playing mother, and an artist father and was introduced to the instrument as a child. “I was put in dance, piano, acting and art classes as a child. I studied art history at University,” she says.  But Natasha chose a different career path and earned a degree in fashion design. After she worked for several years as a professional fashion designer and stylist, Natasha reflects, “I realized that music was taking over my life” and, with the accordion, Natasha began a new life as a performer, in earnest.

Disney was launching a new street comedy show and needed a female accordionist. Miss Natasha Enquist auditioned over Skype and got the job. She found that getting the gig at Disney World in Florida was a life altering experience. “I’ve made some amazing friends through that job”, she adds.

Natasha Enquist IV
Natasha Enquist

A bit of a provocateur, Miss Natasha Enquist often promotes the accordion as an object of art and beauty in her photography. On stage the electro-accordion chanteuse is even more provocative. She finds her inspiration “within my own life experiences and stories from others about love, lust, betrayal and hope. The sound design of my songs has a lot to do with my love of many genres of music from electronic music, industrial, pop, experimental to cabaret.”

Miss Natasha Enquist says that she had never been to Europe but thought that she always wanted to live in a European city. “I decided to move because I needed adventure, wanted to be somewhere vibrant for the sake of my music career and to be inspired….it sounded like the right fit for this chapter in my life.” So, the Star Captain of “MNE”, found her new home base in Berlin among the community of like-minded experimental artists, musicians, theater ensembles and literati who are her muses in her emerging career as an artist.

Vince Gill with Natasha Enquist at the Station Inn, Nashville, TN
Pictured with Vince Gill, Miss Natasha Enquist pays a visit to the Station Inn in Nashville, TN

All quotes are from Backstyle online

                                                                                                                                                       Photos: Alessandro Murgia, Wild at Heart Photography, Magnus Arrevad, Wanda Stang