Wendy McNeill, Hardcore “Folk Noir”

Wendy McNeill II
Wendy McNeill 

Musical artists, with blurred brush strokes, often blend and bleed into other genres, while some don’t cross any lines, at all. Still, other artists defy categorization, altogether. Enigmatic accordionist, singer, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Wendy McNeill, defines her own moody compositions as “Folk Noir.” With her accordion and her compelling lyrics, Wendy McNeill acknowledges folk music but is attentive to another, more intriguing genre of her own design.

With seven studio albums to her credit, the Folk-Americana chanteuse who leans toward Indie-Alternative, is no stranger to European audiences. Originally from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Wendy McNeill currently resides and records in Sweden. She creates her unique sound with looped vocal arrangements which often gives her work a dreamy quality. Her work imparts a sense of mystery and enchantment but at times is deliciously stark. Wendy lyrically paints pictures such as mythical lone wolves and angels sleeping in gutters upon landscapes swept clean of embellishment.

Such musical creations populate the albums of Wendy McNeill, entitled, “One Colour More,” “A Dreamer’s Guide to Hardcore Living,” “The Wonder Show,” “Such a Common Bird” and “For the Wolf, A Good Meal.” Her 2019 album, “Hunger Made You Brave” begins where “For the Wolf, A Good Meal.” ends. Wendy further elaborates, “through various twists and myths we explore the nature of evil, how certain truths are echoed through the ages, how a soul’s story is told through numerous faces and how help can come from the strangest places.”

In the haunting and atmospheric “The Robin’s Request,” Wendy explains that the Robin, one of the characters that narrate the album, “Hunger Made You Brave,” “explores the cycle of life and death from a bird’s eye view with a little help from its ancestors and Albert Einstein.”

With exclusive concerts and performances at festivals, Wendy McNeill has extensively toured North America, Europe, Brazil and Japan and has contributed her music to indie film, dance and theater productions. Although she has not yet properly “arrived” in America, what could change for her dramatically is any distinctive song that can raise her work to public consciousness. The timing is perfect for her emergence.

Wendy McNeill
Wendy McNeill