Jimmy Keane, The “savior” of the Piano Accordion

Jimmy Keane In Irish music, the button accordion is more favored over the piano keyboard, but they are two completely different instruments, played and felt differently. Because of this fact, the old tunes, while still greatly respected, can be energized and invigorated on the piano accordion. We hear that respect in the tune "No Irish … Continue reading Jimmy Keane, The “savior” of the Piano Accordion

Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble

Curley Taylor With so much going on in this world, much of it troubling, it is reassuring to know that music means no harm. Curley Taylor and his band, Zydeco Trouble, bring to the world what zydeco music intends--to feel good, to have fun and to bring out the best in people on the dance … Continue reading Curley Taylor and Zydeco Trouble

Nachman Rosen, The Music of Yesteryear

Nachman Rosen Nachman Rosen is an ‘old soul.’ Nachman's piano accordion, as he accompanies Cantor Yanky Lemmer, is fluid, gentle and reassuring as it underscores the passion of the song. Although Nachman Rosen is a man of the twenty-first century, he declares that his heart lies with "the klezmer and Chassidic music of yesteryear." Klezmer … Continue reading Nachman Rosen, The Music of Yesteryear

Boston’s Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys How far you are from Fenway at any given moment is a constant among Boston residents and visitors to the city. But, more than that, the venerated baseball stadium has become central to the identity of the down trodden, mostly Irish, formerly poor and often working class of the city and of that … Continue reading Boston’s Dropkick Murphys

Magda Giannikou and her Banda Magda

Magda Giannikou Magdalini “Magda” Giannikou is a Greek born, New York City based accordionist, singer, composer and multi instrumentalist.  Always curious, ambitious and talented, Magda initially became an educator. While working as an elementary school teacher in Athens, she studied classical music and jazz at the National Conservatory of Greece and graduated with a Certificate … Continue reading Magda Giannikou and her Banda Magda

The Magical Joseph Macerollo

  Within music lies the power to transport the listener to a different place. Joseph Macerollo and his piano accordion add to the magic when Joe masterfully performs the suite from "The Life of Pi" with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra. The “Life of Pi,” is the story about an Indian youth named Pi Patel, and … Continue reading The Magical Joseph Macerollo

Celso Piña, The Rebel of the Accordion

Famous in Mexico as “El Rebelde del acordeón” (the rebel of the accordion), Celso Piña earned an international reputation on the diatonic accordion as an exponent of the genre, cumbia rebajada (Coom-bee-a Ray-buh-HA-da). Early in the 1980’s, Celso was performing as a norteño accordionist with his three brothers, Eduardo, Rubén and Enrique. But, even at … Continue reading Celso Piña, The Rebel of the Accordion

Melissa Elledge, “The Bellows Below”

Melissa Elledge rules. As the accordion princess of the underground subway system of New York City, she holds sway over those who come and go and are always in a hurry to get there. As commuters race for their trains, she offers up the gift of a few moments of enjoyment. They appreciate her work … Continue reading Melissa Elledge, “The Bellows Below”

Gee Rabe, “Dr Diva” of the Accordion

If you thought that a girl in the band who happens to be an accordion player, could not be “a force to be reckoned with,” and if you are among those that believe that there is little work for accordionists out there, Gee Rabe will make you think differently. Gee Rabe fronts her own retro … Continue reading Gee Rabe, “Dr Diva” of the Accordion

KALOS, Tradition with a ‘New Mind’

Musicians and their music can become stronger if drawn together. When each individual artist brings a different instrument, a style and a unique skill set to the table, as Nietzche observed, a new vision may unfold “when each loses his mind and gets another one.” A trio formed by three respected artists, Ryan McKasson, Eric … Continue reading KALOS, Tradition with a ‘New Mind’