Melissa Elledge, “The Bellows Below”

Melissa Elledge rules. As the accordion princess of the underground subway system of New York City, she holds sway over those who come and go and are always in a hurry to get there. As commuters race for their trains, she offers up the gift of a few moments of enjoyment. They appreciate her work … Continue reading Melissa Elledge, “The Bellows Below”

KALOS, Tradition with a ‘New Mind’

Musicians and their music can become stronger if drawn together. When each individual artist brings a different instrument, a style and a unique skill set to the table, as Nietzche observed, a new vision may unfold “when each loses his mind and gets another one.” A trio formed by three respected artists, Ryan McKasson, Eric … Continue reading KALOS, Tradition with a ‘New Mind’

Jen Gunderman, in Harmony with “Guitar Town”

Jen Gunderman has been a musician nearly all of her life. Hailing from Topeka, Kansas, Jen made her way to the stages and studios of Nashville, Tennessee as a keyboardist and vocalist.  Now, as a touring and session multi instrumentalist and Assistant Professor of Musicology, Jen earns respect among the artists and musicians in Nashville … Continue reading Jen Gunderman, in Harmony with “Guitar Town”

Bravo to Jose Pavel of Los Alegres Del Barranco!

  Mexican Norteno is accordion centered music. Although the diatonic button accordion is favored, the genre often features the piano accordion.  But, with either instrument, Latino accordionists usually do not go near the bass section and their focus is conspicuously on the treble keyboard. Jose Pavel, accordionist with the Norteno group, Los Alegres del Barranco ("The Merry … Continue reading Bravo to Jose Pavel of Los Alegres Del Barranco!

Ten Things You Can Do to Promote the Accordion

If you want to be noticed as a performer, play the piano accordion.  If you already have a working knowledge of the piano--you may not realize that you already understand half of the piano accordion--you just need to learn the other half with some lessons and a lot of practice. So, to give you a … Continue reading Ten Things You Can Do to Promote the Accordion