The Atmospheric style of Sam Reider and The Human Hands


sam reider
Sam Reider

Sam Reider walks a fine line. The child of a Klezmer musician and a musical theater composer, Sam is West Coast born, raised in San Francisco but has since settled in Brooklyn, NY. A pianist, he originally studied jazz, but explored other methods of expressing his musical vision. By using the piano accordion, Sam is making inroads into roots and Americana music. As he strides between different genres and instruments, Sam Reider weaves it together into his own, unique musical sensibility.

It was while he was a student at Columbia University in New York City that Sam developed an interest in American folk music. He began to study bluegrass and old-timey music and to transcribe tunes for the accordion that traditionally are played on the fiddle. Then he taught himself to sing and play the songs. He brought together a band, The Human Hands which consists of seven members, Sam as well as Alex Hargreaves, violin, Eddie Barbash, saxophone, Grant Gordy, guitar, Dominick Leslie, mandolin, Roy Williams, guitar and Dave Speranza, bass. Sam Reider and The Human Hands traveled as representatives of the U. S. Department of State to east Asia and to the middle east as musical ambassadors.

Sam Reider was featured at Lincoln Center and on National Public Radio and performed alongside pop stars, jazz and folk musicians ranging from Jon Batiste, Stay Human, and Bluegrass mandolin prodigy Sierra Hull to Venezuelan cuatro virtuoso Jorge Glem.

sam reider and the human hands
Sam Reider and the Human Hands