America’s Rob Curto Brings World Music Home

Rob Curto

Rob Curto derives a great deal of satisfaction from his chosen vocation. The prolific American composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist paints a picture that the story of the accordion “involves long journeys, unexpected connections, sublime mixtures and grand emotions.” Through his recordings and performances, whether collaborating with other artists or immersed in his own original projects, there is tangible and enduring evidence that Rob is elevating the piano accordion. By doing what he does so well, Rob Curto makes the American accordion world a better place.

Born in New York City of Sicilian descent, his grandfather was an accordionist before Rob was born and the family always hoped that the talent would reemerge. Rob embraced the accordion early in life, mastering both the piano and the piano accordion.  As a developing musician, Rob’s major influence was Jazz and he was further beckoned by world influenced Jazz and the Folk music of Europe, which led to the release of his first album, “Below the Earch”. Because of his interest in the music of Europe and Brazil, Rob Curto could be called a “world musician.” However, with his participation backing up the amazing recording artist and Grammy Award winner, Lila Downs, Rob shows an impressive ability to connect with much of what is representative of the diverse music that is America. He has also worked with Klezmer clarinetist, David Krakauer and Frank London of the Klezmatics.

Rob Curto III
Rob Curto

As an outgrowth of his interest in Jazz, Rob became a devotee of the Brazilian “Forro´” genre, the dance music from northeastern Brazil. He has lived among and learned from Brazilian exponents of the musical art form for many years and has performed both in Brazil and New York City with noted Brazilian composers and performers such as Dominguinhos, Leondro Braga, Adriano Giffoni, Marcio Bahia, Cyro Baptista and many other artists.

In  addition to bands in Brazil, Rob Curto is a founding member of  “Forro´ For All” and the group, “Matuto,” a band selected in 2011 for the World Music Conference, WOMEX, and also chosen to represent the United States State Department overseas in the American Music Abroad program, both in 2013 and 2015. Rob Curto has released 4 albums, to date, and has composed for the Jim Henson production “Bear in the Big Blue House” aired on the Disney channel and “Biography” aired on the Arts and Entertainment channel.

Rob Curto’s current project, “Fish Harmonics” is a culmination of many influences from Roots-Americana and Celtic with echos of Forro´, Blues and with Rob’s interest in Jazz always present, “reinvented with the accordion at the fore front..familiar, but also entirely different.”*


Rob Curto II

*Jennifer Rajotte, Wolf Den Management