The Innovative Joel Guzman

Photo by Bob Zink Grammy Award winning Accordionist, Singer and Producer, Joel Guzman was born and raised in the state of Washington.  Migrating to Texas in 1978, the birthplace of his parents, the first person Joel met upon his arrival was Sarah Fox, who would later become his wife. They found an immediate musical connection and … Continue reading The Innovative Joel Guzman

The Talented Ginny Mac

Photo by Ed Steele Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, Ginny Mac is a former member of the two-time Grammy Award winning group named Brave Combo, based in Denton, TX.  Brave Combo has been noted for its rabid cult following across the country, a notable fan being David Byrne, who chose them as his wedding … Continue reading The Talented Ginny Mac

And Now! Ladies and Gentlemen, the AMAZING Rob Reich

When it comes to Americana, the accordion and the circus  rank very high on a long list of highlights relating to the American Experience.  Also included are Jazz and picnics in the park on a lazy Summer Sunday. It's only natural that a very innovative, and savvy musician would eventually find a way to combine … Continue reading And Now! Ladies and Gentlemen, the AMAZING Rob Reich

The Brilliant Rachelle Garniez

Bio by Native New Yorker Rachelle Garniez has been described as "a certified free spirit" (The New Yorker) and a "diva with a difference"(Billboard Magazine). She has produced and released 5 cds on her own label, Real Cool Records, as well as a vinyl single produced by Jack White on his label, Third Man … Continue reading The Brilliant Rachelle Garniez

Remembering Art Van Damme, America’s Foremost Jazz Accordionist

Born in the tiny town of Norway, Michigan, Art Van Damme was not expected to become a serious American Jazz musician. Classically trained as a pianist and motivated to become a professional musician, Art was a performing musician by age nine in a local theatre in upper Michigan. His family moved to Chicago when he … Continue reading Remembering Art Van Damme, America’s Foremost Jazz Accordionist

Dan Newton, Representing the Midwest Americana style

I first became aware of Dan Newton, several years ago. I was in a Manhattan music store browsing through sheet music, and came upon a compilation by Dan called "Cafe Accordion” with a CD affixed to the back cover. I purchased the book and brought it home.  I found his recording charming, played in an … Continue reading Dan Newton, Representing the Midwest Americana style

A History of Blues Accordion

ACCORDION By Edward M. Komara The accordion reached its peak popularity with African American musicians between the end of Reconstruction (1865-1877) and the early twentieth century. Clarence Tross, a West Virginian musician, reported that it was ''mostly the colored man'' playing accordions in that period, and a contemporary from coastal Virginia remembered that accordions were … Continue reading A History of Blues Accordion